Money Transfer Services:

Head to your nearest Delgado Travel II Corp. location to send money to your friends and family abroad. We’ll ensure that your money arrives in the hands of your loved ones safely and securely – Use a name you can trust.

To Perform a Transfer You Will Need:

  • To visit a Delgado location near you (find a location here)
  • Your beneficiary’s information (First Name, Last Name, Address, and Phone Number) 
  • For those transfers over $1,200 a government issued ID.
  • For Transfers into a Bank Account (Direct Deposit) we will require the beneficiary’s Bank Name, Account Type (Checking or Savings) and Account Number
  • For Cash Pick-Ups we will require the beneficiary’s pick up location (we will help you to find a location near your beneficiary) 
  • Your beneficiary will need a government issued identification when picking up his/her transfer.

Send: Transfer Money Now by Heading to your Local Delgado Location.

Receive: Browse Payout Locations in our Global Network.